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The George Whalley  Company's Coolant-Fed Tooling and Systems are manufactured from the finest materials designed to provide consistent quality and long-lasting performance. In each instance, Coolant-fed Tooling and Systems are designed to meet or exceed industry specifications.

The George Whalley Company has been a pioneer in the coolant-fed tooling industry. Innovations introduced by the company include the first special sealing device for coolant-fed tooling, the first coolant glands, and the first holders for coolant-fed tools. Many of these innovations have since become industry standards. The design and development of new products continues with solutions to the "special" requirements of today's machining applications.

While there are companies that carry "oil-hole" tooling, no one offers the range of sizes and specifications available from The George Whalley Company. In taper shank coolant-fed, twist drills alone, there are over 450 sizes ranging from 3/16" to 3-1/8" in diameter and 4-3/4" to 31" in overall length. Similarly, our straight shank, coolant-fed, twist drills are available in standard sizes from 5.0mm to 1-1/2" in diameter, and up to 2-1/2" in diameter on specials. Extra long, straight shank drills are available up to 24" overall length.

Flexible Machining systems (FMS)...manufacturing cells...machining centers. The advance in machine tool design over the past ten years have highlighted the limitations in conventional tooling technology. Limitations that have established the cutting tool as the single most limiting factor in manufacturing productivity. Process engineers from all types of industries are seeking cost-effective tooling solutions to accommodate the faster speeds, feeds, and subsequent higher temperatures inherent in today's machining processes.

Specifically designed for the speeds, feeds and temperature extremes of today's machining processes, coolant-fed tooling is engineered to supply coolant where it's the cutting edge of the tool. A coolant-fed system directs coolant from the machine tool's standard coolant system...through orifices running the length of the small ports located at or near the tool's primary cutting edge.

By directing coolant to the cutting edge of the tool, lubrication is improved and friction is reduced. The result is an increase in tool life two to five times that of conventional tooling. The flushing action of the coolant forces chips away from the workpiece, eliminating compaction, clogging and chip recutting, to permit maximum speeds and feeds. The free cutting action of coolant-fed tools, combined with more effective cutting performance and enhance accuracy. The reduction of heat, friction and galling reduces the potential for stress cracking, and thus improves surface integrity. The improved finish may eliminate the need for costly secondary operations like reaming and boring.


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