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For all you measuring needs!

Whether you are looking for small hand tools such as calipers or micrometers or you need  to set up a quality lab, Mahr Federal has it all.

Let Rapp Industrial Sales help you find the correct tool for the job at hand. We have  years of experience as a Mahr Federal Distributor of both hand tools and Mahr large systems. We also provide repairs, maintenance and calibrations for your equipment.

We service what we sell!

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Mahr Height Measuring Instruments

are ideal in the workshop, on the

production line and in the inspection room.

They are simple to operate, fast and accurate.


Mahr Indicator Stands,

Comparator Stands and Run Out

Testing Equipment offer high stability

thus ensuring precise measurements



Mahr Indicating measuring instruments are ideal measuring Instruments for precision internal

 and external measurements

 on either individual parts or on serial components.

Data Processing

The new flexible MarConnect

USB ready interface simplifies both data

transmission to a PC and enables quick and

universal assembly of a multiple measuring station.



Precimar-stands for dimensional instruments of the highest precision. These machines and devices are for absolute relative measurement of precision products and testing. Typical applications are products and test equipment for the aerospace and automotive industry as well as testing equipment in calibration laboratories. Precimar products enable you to reliably measure and test lengths, outer and inner diameters, gage blocks, cylindrical and conical threads, dial indicators, dial comparators, probes, etc up to the nanometer scale with the highest precision.



 MarTool-Measuring and inspection tools are

 Indispensable aides for dimensional metrology.

Their simple operation make them the most

versatile instruments for daily use.





Mahr Micrometers are available in

digital and mechanical instruments

which are ideal for external or internal measurements.


Mahr Calipers are available as digital

or mechanical instruments. We have

an appropriate caliper for all your

application requirements.



Mahr Indicators are available as digital

or dial versions. From the classic dial

indicator to the newest digital indicator. Mahr

offers the best solution for every measuring task.


Mahr Test Indicators and probes

are ideal indicating measuring

  Instruments for precision internal and external

measurements on either individual parts or on

 serial components.




Mahr Electrical Length measuring,

Air gaging, amplifiers




Universal Measuring Instruments

 Regardless of whether gears, threads,

cones or grooves need measured; the variety

of Multimar Universal Measuring Instruments               .

combined with a broad range of accessories

offer an optimal solution solution for nearly all

internal and external measurements.


Mahr Digital and Dial Compartors 


   Mahr Surface Metrology units can cover roughness

    and contour measurement depending on the unit. Generally, these are based on the stylus contact method.



Measuring and Inspection Equipment

 Straight Edges, Squares Protractors,

Surface Plates, Magnetic V-Blocks


MarGage-Measurement standards such

as gage blocks are the basis of dimensional

metrology; they are used as a setting

standard for an indicating measuring instrument

or applied in the lab as a reference standard.


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Rapp Industrial Sales