CMM Fixturing System

Line of CMM fixturing  which is designed for easy assembly and high repeatability, without the added cost and inconvenience of having to build dedicated fixtures.

This system offers a highly accurate and flexible

solution for holding parts while probing. A variety

of component kits and individual components are available to provide the ability to quickly setup a

fixture in a matter of minutes.

The system works by mounting an aluminum fixture plate

with tapped holes to the surface plate of your coordinate measuring machine. Build your CMM fixtures by screwing in standoffs or other locating components needed to elevate your part for optimal part access during CMM probing. Once the parts are positioned, simply actuate soft touch clamps over the points of rest fixing the part in position for CMM inspection.



Features of CMM Fixturing System:

• Aluminum Plates: Standard plate sizes are offered. TE-CO will quote custom plates to accommodate the measuring ranges

of specific models of CMMs. Standard plates are black

anodized with 1⁄4-20 holes on 1⁄2” and M8 x 1.25 holes on 15mm centers and are alpha numerically labeled so you can your CMM

fixture setups, saving you setup and programming time.

Build it once. Program it once.

• Fixture Towers: Available with 1/4-20 and M8 x 1.25 tapped holes alpha numerically labeled on each face, ideal for

building vertical fixture setups

• Component Kits: Plate purchases are not required to purchase component kits or individual components. The basic kit,

the comprehensive kit, and the magnetic component pack

all come with wooden holders to provide a simple,

effective method of storage.

• Soft Touch Clamp: This aluminum clamping arm provides the light clamping force ideal for holding parts during CMM probing.

• Locating Components: Several diameters and lengths of standoffs and rest pads are available to elevate and position parts without restricting access to them.

• Magnetic Components: Magnetic rest pads, vees, and pin

rests are available to hold steel and iron parts.

• Adjustable Components: A variety of components are

available that provide height adjustment, vee alignment,

and flexible hole location.

• Component Thread Size: Standard components are

1⁄4-20 and M8 x 1.25 thread size. Alternative thread

sizes quoted upon request.

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