Rapp Industrial Sales

Rapp Industrial Sales

Diamond and CBN tooling

Jig Grinding Mandrels, Grinding Tools

1/8", 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" Shank Mandrels Diamond or CBN platedHigh Speed Diamond or CBN plated Jig Grinding MandrelsHigh Speed Milling, Grinding Tools, Gold-ABN plated Jig Grinding Mandrels etc.

Gold-ABN plated Jig Grinding MandrelsThe SALT-Superabrasives Specially Designed Spiral Tool™ for Internal and Jig Grinding, Diamond or CBN platedHigh Speed Milling, Grinding Tools™ Diamond or CBN plated1/8" Shank Shaped Tools 2" O.A.L. Diamond or CBN plated


Barrel Laps, Blind Hole Laps, Internal Laps etc.

honing mandrels for drawing diesReamers, Countersinks & Angled Spindles

Miniature (Micro) Drills, Twist Drills, Core Drills

1/8" Shank Small Drills Diamond or CBN plated




Hand Files, Needle Files, Riffler Files

files for use with profiling machines, Diamond or CBN plated


Grinding Wheels, Sawblades

D6A2C type wheel, Diamond or CBN plated

D1E1 type wheel,  "      "

1A1R type wheels, "      "

D1F1 type wheel,  "      "

Bevel wheels,        "      "


Diamond Point Dressing Tools, Diamond Phono Points


Standard Natural Diamond Point Dressing Tools & Repair

Diamond Phono Points




Diamond and CBN Plating

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Rapp Industrial Sales

Rapp Industrial Sales